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Filipino Web Services Inc is your Email Server Provider. Incorporated in 2000, we have always had a solid core of Linux expertise to run our own dedicated servers for corporate email and websites. We provide best of breed collection of dependable, affordable corporate email solutions.

Corporate Cloud email, initially free is now found to have grave privacy issues; and immensely expensive at $5/user/email which at 1,000 emails amounts to $ 5,000 / P 225,000 a month… while our collection of 3 dedicated servers can supply the same emails PLUS email archiving for only P 50,000 / month.

We have been serving hundreds of Philippine banks for over 10 years as proof of the reliability of our service.

Archiving all emails going in and going out… included! Our new email archiving service should satisfy your needs for Legal Discovery, Audit, Regulatory and Compliance Requirements.

Free setup of local mirror email server in your office for very fast local IMAP access.

Let your system administrators concentrate on user support. Let us concentrate on supporting your system administrators.

Your Email Server Provider is:

Filipino Web Services, Inc.

Cel: 0917-843-3755

Email: sales@filipinowebservices.com


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